Google plus is to be shut down after Seven years in market

By in Posted October 10, 2018

Google plus came replacing the Google Buzz and just like the Buzz, Google Plus is also bidding us a bye. When Google launched the Google Buzz it was expected to buzz off the other competitors and redefine social networking as a whole. Linking Gmail to the Google Buzz bought millions to the platform making it grow rapidly.

In 2011, Google announced that they are discontinuing the service due to security incidents and Google + was launched in the same year. Google Plus is Google’s most celebrated answer to Facebook. With its spark and streams, Google Plus attracted over two billion registered users worldwide. It was believed to bring the Facebook down and they had quite a battle during 2011. Google plus offered a tool which could download all your information in a zip file and switch networks and it took people at large.

Google plus wasn’t a big success just like the Buzz and the auto add options attached with Gmail put a lot of members to the platform where they failed to be active. Since 2015, to comment on YouTube videos, it was no longer been necessary to have a Google+ account - a previous requirement. It was also estimated to have just 4-6 million people during that time who actively engaged, posted, and interacted on the social network, despite its 2.2 billion registered profiles. In the battle between social networks and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, it couldn’t be a significant player.

Google Plus enabled us to be social in a large extent, and the Google team wanted to make it easier to share our entire life with others. However, personally, nobody wanted that. There were also problems with some add-on features as they were designed Googlers first and human beings second. Despite months of hype and years of efforts to brand it better than Facebook (which it often was) nobody finally cared about it. Google plus was far smarter than Facebook but you know we never wanted to be that smart when it came to social networking.

Even Bradley Horowitz, one of the vice presidents at Google once stated that he found Goole plus to be confusing. They tried adding more and more features to fire up the audience’s interests but let’s say none of them worked well on grounds. It is estimated that, on average, a Google+ user will just spend 3 minutes and 46 seconds per visit,  a minus for Google plus.

Now Google has announced that they are shutting down Google Plus by the end of September 2018. Though the company reasons for shutting it down were low user engagement and difficulties in maintaining it successful while meeting the consumer expectations, a bug was reportedly harming the social media platform and hundreds of thousands of users potentially had their personal data exposed. But Google has assured that that, information such as phone numbers and social media posts, was not put at risk.

It’s not the first time Google is shutting down its products, Google Plus is the tenth of all.

·         Our once beloved Orkut was closed in 2014

·         Google Nexus Q, a streaming player was shut down in 2012

·         Lively, wasn’t alive after 2008

·         iGoogle outdated after the customized apps that could run on Chrome in 2013

·         Google Health in 2012 because who knows why it came on the first place?

·         Google Glass something that never clicked and ended in 2012

·         Google Buzz in 2011 when Google Plus replaced it

·         Google answers in 2006  

owever, when Google Plus is about to bid a goodbye, only a minor population of users are lamenting its death. For many Google+ users, it’s not about what you can do there, but the fact of being the last residents in a place that feels right. Bye bye Google Plus, we will remember you for a while. 

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