Snapchat for Business: Things You Need to Know

By in Posted October 23, 2018

Snapchat which calls itself a “camera company” is a cool, powerful social media platform. The fact that pictures and videos disappear after the amount of time prescribed by the sender or after the receiver closes it makes it different from the rest. People can send message and even make a call. Snapchat started out in 2011 and from then on it has been a rage among teenagers and young adults. 70% users on Snapchat are below 34. Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social apps and networks worldwide.

Some Snapchat facts:

191 million Snapchat daily active users

301 million Snapchat monthly active users

3.5 billion snaps per day

9-12 million Snapchatters in India

Why your Business should be on Snapchat:

If you own a company selling products or service that suit people in the age group of 12- 35, then surely you need to embrace this app. Though Snapchat is a little different from rest of the social media platforms, Snapchat has remarkable audience targeting capabilities. Also it has in store wide variety of ad formats to choose from like create a clever Snap Ad, build a fun Sponsored Geofilter and give potential customers an opportunity to interact with a Sponsored Lens.

In a study carried out by Snapchat they found that their ads garnered twice the visual attention of Facebook, 1.3 times that of Youtube and 1.5 times more than Instagram. Also the study claims that compared to above mentioned platforms and TV, Snapchat ads generated greater emotional response and twice as much intent to purchase.

If this is not enough to encourage you from starting a Snapchat account, following points will surely make you to act.

1. Snapchat is an excellent platform for real-time social media marketing because it can give the audience direct access to live events. Are you planning for product launches, trade shows, then you must try snapchat way. Snapchat gets your audience excited because they will get to see what exactly is happening at the event.

2. Snapchat is the best option when it comes to marketing a product or service targeted to a particular audience. It has wide variety of features where we can set predefined audience from more than 300 options. The right choice for you to make sure that your ad gets to the right kind of people at the maximum. Also you can grab the audience at large by the “lookalike Audience “feature where you can create new audiences similar to your best customers.

3. It has a set of advanced and up to the minute ad features like filters and lenses. You get to capture the attention of the audience by entertaining them in a creative and funny way. So, secure your product’s promotion and sales by creating your own filters which enables you to be where your product is bought and thought about.

4. Heard of the vertical ads? Sanpchat has this modern feature with customized options, well plenty of them. Also take into the account that those ads on Snapchat are full-screen hence 100% visibility assured.

5. Their ad options are versatile in an exciting and advanced way by which you can increases the foot traffic and impact on the customers. With ads manager option you can set goals and then evaluate the results.

6. With snapchat you can easily find an advertising company through the snapchat partner option. As they advertise, advertising is a snap with the veteran advertising companies.

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