Facebook vows to train digital skills to five million Indians by 2021

By in Posted December 06, 2018

As reported by the top executive of the company, the social media giant is planning to educate the five million Indians on digital skills in three years. The main focus on the training is to help their small-scale businesses reach the global economy.

Facebook has already initiated the training programmes and has successfully trained one million people from the 150 Indian cities and 48,000 villages with their 10 ongoing programmes. The plan was publicized on the inaugural day of the two- day Facebook Community Boost Programme

Ankhi Das the Public Policy Director of Facebook told the media here that Facebook is committed to aiding small business to reach global economy and they think they can reach out to people through various organizations. They are committed to training 5 million people with digital skills and global market access by 2021. She added that they have a strong partnership with state governments and their initiatives go closely with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on digital training.

Facebook has already initiated programmes such as BoostYourBusiness and SheMeansBusiness with goals of economic transformation and mainstreaming of small businesses at the grassroots level into the formal economy. All of them has a strong partnership with State and Central Government, civil society and private institutions.

The Facebook training programmes are so considerate and thoughtful of the Indian audience as it does not cause expensive fees for creating and hosting websites and they provide user friendly and beneficial for the people with simple lessons that help to build a digital presence, enter into the growing mobile economy, and gain market access by learning to market their products. Another plus point of the programmes is that they are available in 14 local languages.

Facebook plans to reach out to the whole of 29 states in India. They have claimed that their previous programmes have successfully penetrated the entire list of states in India. The studies show that Facebook has successfully brought down a significant change in small-scale and midsize businesses. Over 70 percent of SMBs on the social networking platform built their business on Facebook.

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