Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

By in Posted January 04, 2019

Social Media is a promising and ever-changing platform which is updated continuously by different features, dimensions, audience habits, and innovative communication ideas. This varying nature of Social Media has been quite a blessing to the marketers in their goal to effectively capture the attention of the targeted audience through the advanced tactics and tools.

If you are in the game, it is essential to be an expert in the latest Social Media Marketing Trends to get it going with the technology and skills required by most of the online platforms.Let's look at top social media trends that are going to work during 2019.

Visuals Reign 2019         

Experts say 2019 is going to be ruled by the Visuals and text will soon be out of the game. Marketers need to concentrate on ephemeral content, video content and live video. Videos started to influence the Social Media form 2018 onwards and it will continue to dominate the Market in 2019 too.

2019 will be marked by the supremacy of videos, approximately 80% of our overall online hours will be video content says Marcus Sheridan the famous online marketing expert. YouTube will go on as a platform and make it available to the users to make original video contents. To get an engaging audience, Marketers must focus on Video Platforms in the coming days.

According to Neal Schaffer the reputed author, CEO & Principal Social Media Strategy Consultant at Maximize Your Social, "With organic social media for brands slowly trending towards zero across all social media platforms, businesses in 2019 will have to focus on two things to be able to continue to be seen in the newsfeed of their fans and target audience: 1. Engage and build relationships with influencers and invest in a comprehensive and long-term influencer relations program, and 2. Invest exponentially more in newer content mediums such as Stories and live streaming, as well as more traditional visual content mediums such as photo and video.

This is clearly an indication to move from the text-oriented approach to visual while communicating with your audience. Neal Schaffer advises the business firms to go beyond the media company to a visual magazine or television station to make heard their brands.

‘Live’ is the New Success Mantra

Live videos have been here on YouTube and Facebook which is particularly popular in Facebook due to which Instagram introduced it as a feature. The interactivity of live video is a powerful tool for marketers to engage with their targeted audience to strengthen the relationship between a brand and its followers.It is clearly visible from the 3,500,000,000 live videos that we watched in the past two years of Facebook that the live feature has been taken very seriously by the people.

To build a genuine audience, the brands can fruitfully use the authenticity of live videos as it helps to build trust and loyalty with a brand. Since “going live” involves a risk factor of having technical complexities and the adhoc issues, however, the followers are likely to understand it as the authentic content might have some genuine mistakes.

To go with the video hype, it’s important that the Brands must work on having a video strategy. This means more than just going live to have an engaging good quality content that will successfully satisfy and sustain the customer queries and attention.



Stories are in fashion

Everybody who is not living under a rock knows about the Social Media stories and their popularity as a format. Whether it is Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, and YouTube Reels, they are such crowd pleasers, nothing goes out of their filters.

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have almost 400 million daily users which explain why we saw all these Media adopting this feature. The best thing about the ephemeral content is that it offers ‘in-the-moment’ consumption through its short yet powerful visual communication

It is estimated that on an average a user spends 1.7 seconds in mobile content and 2.5 seconds on the desktop and the ephemeral content will help the Marketers on utilizing this short attention span of the users effectively establishing FOMO (fear of missing out)

Mark Zuckerberg said that “Stories are on track to overtake posts in News Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps." It is quick and crisp practically allowing us to get a glimpse of everything at once. The statistics point out that, the stories will last to be a trendsetter for a while, it goes perfectly with our lifestyle and sharing habits.

Digital Marketers should put some effort to come up with entertaining and helping stories that make people feel something. It is the best way to humanize your brand, share the behind the scenes, bloopers etc. to make your brand presence felt.

AI is set to transform Social Media

The market is upbeat about how Artificial Intelligence is going to transform Social Media marketing. It says by 2020, if companies won't adopt AI, then they will be out of the game. Marketing experts are trying hard to acquire and integrate the knowledge of AI and social media into their marketing skills. Setting up, monitoring and managing social media marketing campaigns require a lot of efforts, above and all tracking their performance minute by minute. It's all now possible with a tap of a button by employing AI enabled user-friendly platforms like Sprout, Mention, Meltwater and many more. Audience analysis, Brand analysis, Customer care, Industry, and Trend have AI-powered tools to manage the show.

AI is also transforming content creation. The concept of AI enabled creative copy isn’t a thing of future, but already several top-tier news organizations are using AI-based solutions. Solutions like Articolo and Quill are already in the market and it is making the lives of marketers easier than ever to create fantastic content on the fly using AI. So marketers who are looking to scale their content creation without increasing headcount, for them AI tools like these could be incredibly useful.

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