To0 stay on top in Digital marketing in 2018, shed off some old Formulas

By in Posted December 18, 2017

Have you been successful with your digital marketing strategies and budget in the year 2017...great and congrats to you. But are you thinking that you can stick to 2017 plan to see same kind of response in 2018, then you are going to get lot of negative surprises. Some of the most trusted way of promotion people have been using for many years won't work in 2018.

These are the 5 most popular digital marketing trends that have reached end of their shelf life and would soon die down.

Facebook Organic Reach has hit rock bottom

Anybody who has been using Facebook to reach out to clients and using it as a promotion media would have been noticing the steady decline in their organic reach. If we are to go by the statistics, in 2012 Facebook Page posts reached an average of 16% of fans, in 2014 this dropped to 6.5% and by 2017 this went below 2% and in 2018 its going to hit rock bottom....probably around 0.5 % or even zero. That means if you have a fan page with 10000 followers, your post is only going to reach 500 people or even less..... Facebook is continuously tweaking their Facebook News Feed Algorithm so that people get more and more personalized feeds and also Facebook is moving towards paid ads. So in 2018 if you want to continue with Facebook you will have to create more customized posts and will have to shell out money.

Mass email campaign is out

 The very first mass email was send by a company called Digital Equipment Corp to about 400 clients in 1978. From then on it was a hit, but no longer. The recent figures says that the average email open rate  has dropped to as low as 12% and the average email click-through rate has hit an all time low of 3.2%. This is because now every company from those selling cookies to computer to cars are using the same medium and as a result inboxes are getting filled up with just sales and marketing mails. Many people just opt for select all and delete, does not even bother to give it a glance. On the more nowadays very few people use mails for communication. This is the age of social media - apps, chats and video shares. If you want to still continue with email marketing, then you need to create more personalized content keeping in mind online behavior, recent engagement level and demographics.

Say Bye to Long E Books

 Writing an eBook is a great way to showcase a firms authority on a subject  or service in greater level of depth. The perceived value and effectiveness of eBooks has made it into a marketers such a great favorite that, now digital media is flooded with it. Every site, whether its small or big, offers now ebooks for free, some are completely useless. This has kind of created a state of confusion and indifference in readers or consumers mind. All the more video based medium and animation tools are now preferred over long texts. The best approach for 2018 would be to ditch ebooks and opt for video or animation based marketing material. If ebook is still preferred, then keep in mind what users or clients now need and prepare based on that and don't follow the trend blindly.

Don't churn out low quality Blogs

Blogs are an integral part of inbound marketing. The more you blog, your Inbound Marketing will become better and better.  Blogs are used as a medium to build credibility, awareness and also a way to increase website traffic. The best and easy way to increase number of pages is to add in more number of blogs. But in this process many lose out on content quality. It used to work in an age where content was less. But it is no longer the case. Now you type any topic you will find atleast a hundred article pertaining to that. Under this circumstance, if someone has to visit your blog, then it should have something better than the rest. So way forward in 2018 would be to create high quality blogs and just no carbon copy of another blog.

Social media is not Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone

Social media for many limits to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With FB, Twitter and Instagram with millions of users in it, however well you plan your posts it will get lost in the deluge of posts and videos. It's essential one start to explore other social media platforms to reach out to users. The age ahead belongs to videos. If you have not yet started with it, start this year with youtube. Use video sharing platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion and reach out to more customers. The other interesting social media platforms include Reddit, Digg, Pinterest.

Looking forward to hear from you about your 2018 digital marketing plans. If you are confused and need some guidance, we at Imtell are always there.....

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