Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

By in Posted January 04, 2018

It’s 2018 and let’s have a look at digital marketing trends that's going to stay on top in 2018.

Adopt Live streaming

Live streaming is on the rise. In comparison to 2016, 28% more people have watched live streaming on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Poll results point towards the fact that viewers prefer seeing a live feed rather than a brand’s social posts. Digital marketing team have many advantages by opting for live streaming. First of all creating a live streaming video do not need big budgets and technical expertise and second it gives consumers an uncut look into the product and services, with no touch up and technical tweaking. If you are not still convinced, read on a mom (Chewbacca mom) who created a video explaining her experience buying a mask for her son which at the end reached an audience of 162 million viewers. So go ahead and get on with live streaming.

Bring in Personalization to Digital Marketing

The age of mass customer based targeting is over, it's 2018, let's welcome personalized engagement. Customers are now bombarded with so much template based and generic content, that they have becoming irritated. The only way to stay afloat is by getting the trust and recognition of consumers by adopting a personalized approach. Personalized approach is far tougher than generic approach, but the investment is worth. It requires research, data, time, and insights. We would like to share with you some strategies which you can put to use right away

1. Send emails by addressing the recipient by name and not by addressing him/her as customer.  Research says, if the email addresses the recipient by name then there is 26% more chance for it to be opened.

2. Use marketing tools to understand customers in depth. Analyze customer preferences and interests from website engagements and respond to them quickly

3. Respond to Customer personally through social media. Who does not like attention. Answer their queries, address their pain area and accept their positive comments.

Bring on board Social Media Influencer

With few people tuning into radio and TV and with the rise of ad blockers over internet, firms small and big are expected to chase social media influencers to reach out to their customers. This trend was very much there in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018. According to recently published market report, more than 73% firms have already allocated budget for influencer marketing for 2018. Also research says, social media reference is expected to influence 71% of consumers with their purchase decisions and 70% of teenagers, who are YouTube subscribers says that they trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities. The other point that's driving small and big firms towards influencer marketing is cost advantage. The cost for developing and airing an ad would involve anyway around 30-50 lakhs, whereas influence marketing based campaign can happen from few thousands to couple of lakhs. Many new generation startups are completely saying a no to commercial ads. Mamma earth is one such firm. They are only using mom bloggers to reach out to customer base.

At Imtell we have expertise in executing latest digital marketing strategies. In case you need help or support in implementing these strategies, just write to us or give us a call.




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