5 best 'Free' ways to market your business online

By in Posted January 19, 2018

Are you in a cash strapped situation...yet looking for ways to promote your business digitally, This is for you


Have you just started a small consulting business or do you run a local delivery shop, or opened a boutique, you would be looking out from your window every now and then for the customer to walk in or you would be expecting every mobile beep to be an enquiry from client. But wait... for this to become a reality you need to promote yourself and your firm. When you hear marketing, don't think you will have to shell out lots of money


Here are 5 best freemium ways to market your business online. People with low budget, read from here...it's for you


This article is not going to be the umpteenth one on 'Turn to Social Media to Propel your Business to the Top', but this one is going to list out 5 strategies which one could effectively execute to build customer base using social media. 

Supercharge Your Online Reputation

We are living in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Social media has given each and every individual the power to express their views and comments. Taking alone Facebook, it has more number of users than most populated country China. So it means you have access to people and network and the only thing left to do is, make them speak positive about you and your brand.  Give your customer chance to speak for you. Give some product samples, give them significant discount, give some services for free and in return ask for positive comments on social media about your product, service and brand. Great marketing people says that no amount of marketing or advertising can ever compare to the viral power of your audience as they share their experiences of using your service or product online.

Hire brand ambassadors

When you hear ambassador, you need not think about actors or sports person, but look for individuals who could act as representatives of the company and spread the word to the public in many a ways. This could be even a bunch of college students. Have you heard the story of dating app Tinder. Whitney Wolfe, then CMO of Tinder, went around the colleges and gave her product presentation to all girls and made them to download the app. She then went to boys and showed photographs of newly registered girls and got them to download the app. It's said Tinder had less than 5,000 users before Whitney Wolfe started her trip, and got around 15,000 by the time she returned. So go head and reach out to your ambassadors.

Grow your business with Giveaways

 People will try anything, if it's given for free. Marketers are using this love for getting things for free to spread the word about products, find new customers. With Google gaining strength with its algorithms, it has become difficult to create fake marketing stuff.  Done in the right way creating good content is time consuming and often expensive. Hence  from Amazon to Local brands, all are now giving away their products for free and in return  getting user generated genuine content on social media. Giveaways are only going to become more popular. Instagram has given a lift to giveaway programs. So if you are a small business and currently looking to reach out to more customers, opt for giveaway programs. Post the product photo on Instagram and ask for likes, follow, comments, blogs, share and tags. Run the giveaway for fixed  time period so that you get maximum benefit out of it. Announce the results and share again the content on Instagram and social media. Giveaway can also be done in a collaborative manner. This will help in reaching out to more user base.

Defend Your Reputation with Simple Free Tools

Social media is not only about positive comments. One need to be always looking out for negative comments and criticism. Negative comment from single user, if neglected can do lot of harm. So it's essential to use an appropriate tool to monitor internet for information that could negatively impact your product or brand. Google Alerts is the most widely used tool by owners and professional services to stay on top with respect to industry news, competitor feedback and to monitor social media activities. Talkwalker Alerts, Mention, Meltwater, IFTTT (If This, Then That) etc are some other well known tools simialr to Google Alerts, used by people.

Use Your Expert Knowledge to attract customers

Nowadays business is not all about products and services, but also depends on the quality of the content that you are able to create and freely distribute online. No matter what product you make or service you do, you must start create informative, educational, or entertaining content. This should not be considered as a useless activity, but must be done with complete honesty. You must understand that customers use these information sources to gauge your expertise and would relate it to product quality. With ever increasing  competition as every day  pass by, the ability to stand out from your competitors is vital. Getting recognized as a leader in your area of expertise will help to connect to prospective customers directly. In addition if this is done effectively, you get benefitted in two ways, first,  you yourself will grow into a brand and more users will land on your page, just based on your reputation and second, once you establish yourself as an  expert you would be in a position to influence others, both peers and public.

Just go ahead and start implementing these freemium strategies. Do let us know how these strategies worked for you or reach out to our team if you need help in implementing these strategies.


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