Tackle Digital marketing with Design thinking and not Gut instinct

By xyz in xyz Posted February 06, 2018

This is the era of 'Going Digital'. From Furniture shop to juice hubs to Artificial Intelligence experts, everybody is boarding the Digital marketing train to reach out to customers. In couple of years Newspaper, Television and Radio sets will become a thing of past. So everyone, big and small is gearing up for going Digital way.

So does that mean Digital Marketing Business is going to go through the roof and experts from this industry is going to stack away cash with ease....may not. Unless the job is done in 'customer-centric' way. It's true that there is no dearth for customers looking for support from digital marketing experts, but it's also truth that new age customers clearly knows what they want and they also know to measure the performance of their digital ads in real time. If the pulse of the customer, his expectation and emotions are not understood, they will drift away quickly.

Think of a scenario. A client approaches company A with request for promoting his company on digital media. The team immediately puts their digital marketing team into action. They put all the known platforms and tools into action and use most approved ways of promotions and advertisements. But then the customer fails to see any conversions in terms of business leads and gets disappointed.

Now the same client approaches company B and shares his request. Here the team initially carries out a detailed study about the customer, his company, his industry, performs shadowing, observations and interviews and then sits down with customer to understand his needs, pain areas, requirements and expectations. Then the whole team sits down and defines the problem statement, does idea brainstorming and then creates a plan of action and goes for sample testing. Brings in needed changes to it by taking again inputs from customer and based on customer response. The client becomes happy at the end of the project as he gets desired results.

What's that company B did and company A failed to do.....' Design Thinking'

What is Design Thinking ?

Design Thinking is a problem solving framework, where customer is at the center. A design consultancy firm, IDEO, has given Design Thinking this new thrust and greater significance.

According to Tim Brown, President and CEO of IDEO, “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

Design thinking is all about finding fresh, creative solutions to problems, but in a way that puts people and their needs first.

Design Thinking Differentiates Imtell from its Competitors

  • Through a human-centered approach delivered with good understanding about client ethnography, we succeed in providing organizations a deeper understanding about their consumers as individuals
  • We understand what makes our clients tick as individuals, what their dreams, vision or ambitions are or what their worries, pains and concerns are well before initiating the story board
  • Fosters a culture of tireless, iterative ideation and prototyping that makes ideas more apt and accelerates the speed of delivering solutions

Inviting clients to interact with our team of Design thinkers. We will weave together technology, research, creativity, and user information to create powerful ideas.


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