Change within to change around!

Everybody wants an agency to work on their external image. But not very often, an agency gets a request for an internal transformation strategy. So when the largest technology and management college in Oman based out of Knowledge Oasis, Muscat approached us for an internal communication audit and analysis, it was a very rewarding exercise for us. The scope of work included audit of exiting IC processes, practices and impact (from strategic, functional, technological and cultural perspective), GAP analysis and detailed recommendations to bring about an holistic change balancing the cultural sensitivities of the region and the global outlook of the institution. Team Imtell visited the campus and conducted detailed sessions and surveys across target audience including the leadership, dean, senior members of management, administration, HR, technology and facilities, heads of departments, faculty members, student representatives and parents. The recommendations included the changes in leadership communication, functional communication, timing and format of internal events, technological upgradation and innovations. The key take away was embracing change with empathy, commitment and well defined purpose.